Hi! I'm Myndel.…

I was born in Chicago, Illinois to Trinidadian parents.

We moved to Florida when I was 10 years old.

I would go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Florida and begin a 30-year teaching career in a third-grade classroom.

Some of my greatest joys and challenges came from my experiences as a public school teacher.

Today, I'm incredibly passionate about training teachers to care for their students, themselves, and their money.

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Dear Educator,

Did you know that 44% of new teachers are quitting this profession by year 5?

Or how about that K-12 teachers are considered the most burnt-out profession in the U.S.?

And 68% of teachers say financial worries are their top source of stress.

Where it concerns our students…

  • 50% of children aged 8-15 experiencing a mental health condition don’t receive treatment.
  • public schools report that mental health is among the top 3 most common concerns for both students and parents.

Those are alarming statistics, and they are a part of the reason why I'm passionate about supporting teachers like you in caring for themselves, their students, and their financial well-being.

After 3 fulfilling decades in the classroom, I recently embarked on a new chapter as a retiree. Yet, my passion for education burns as brightly as ever. 

Throughout my teaching career, I witnessed the immense dedication educators pour into their work, often neglecting their own well-being in the process. 

This observation sparked a profound conviction within me: teachers deserve support not just in the classroom but in every aspect of their lives.

My commitment to this cause stems from a deeply personal place. 

As a young teacher, I poured my heart and soul into nurturing my students, often neglecting my own needs in the process. 

It wasn't until I faced burnout and financial strain that I realized the importance of holistic self-care for educators.

My journey to prioritize self-care led me to pen two picture books, each aimed at empowering children with essential life lessons beyond the traditional curriculum.

Additionally, I authored a book exploring the lessons often overlooked in schools, drawing from my own experiences. 

More recently, my 30 Lessons I’ve Learned From 30 Years of Teaching pdf highlights some of the invaluable insights gleaned from 30 years in the teaching profession, offering practical wisdom for educators at every stage of their careers. Be sure to get your free copy here.

Through these writings, I aim to equip teachers with the tools they need to thrive inside and outside the classroom. 

Whether it's advocating for mental health resources, fostering inclusive learning environments, or providing financial literacy education, I'm dedicated to supporting educators in every facet of their journey.

As you peruse my About page, I hope you'll gain insight into the passion that drives my mission. 

Together, let's build a community where teachers feel empowered to prioritize their well-being alongside their students' success.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Warm regards,

Myndel Miller


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"30 Lessons I've Learned from 30 Years of Teaching"

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