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"Mr. Morgan Looks Like Me"

 On the first day of a new school year, second-grader Jamaal Carter discovers his teacher is an African American male just like him. Mr. Morgan Looks Like Me is the heartwarming story of a little boy who begins to realize his potential from a teacher who intentionally inspires greatness in his young students. Jamaal learns that not all teachers are “ladies” and that even hard work can be fun.

Mr. Morgan Looks Like Me is a testament to the fact that teachers can impact students’ lives in ways they will cherish for years to come. This story speaks to the student in us all with fond memories of that special teacher. If you like Skin Like Mine and The Name Jar, you will love Mr. Morgan Looks Like Me.

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"Lessons Not Learned in School"

Of all the lessons taught in schools across the country--from the ABCs to algebra--they do not teach you these lessons about life. Money, relationships, entrepreneurship, homeownership, college, fear, and purpose are among the topics addressed. Previously published as Before You Leave, I Just Want to Say... with newly added content. Whether you're fifteen or fifty, the lessons shared in this book aim to save you time, money, and even keep you from heartache. Ready? Okay, then, class is in session...

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Get The Book "Standing Alone"

When a game of basketball unexpectedly becomes an important life lesson, 11-year-old Peter learns that it can be hard to do the right thing when everyone else is doing the wrong thing.

Standing Alone is a wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated story about courage. A perfect gift for special occasions including birthdays, and is a great addition to any classroom or personal library, and more!

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"30 Lessons I've Learned from 30 Years of Teaching"

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